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The next few pages are photos of all Joe's buddies now up on the internet for

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Updated 07/17/2014


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updated 07/17/2014

Graves marked on Bougainville 1944

Solomon Islands, Bougainville Cemetery 1943

Troops in background,

flag half staff

Bougainville - open graves

& raising flag 1943

Bougainville graves some marked and open for burial
5th Marine Div Cemetery in front of Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima 1945


5th Div Memorial on Mt Surabachi, Iwo Jima - original Marine Corps photo circa 1950



Iwo's Unsung Heroes

On the bloody sands of Iwo,

Our Memories are buried deep,

Neath these sands lie heroes,

That rest in eternal sleep.

They fought a mighty battle,

Against a determined foe.

They never lost their courage,

As onward they did go.

We are here to honor the fallen,

Not who was right or wrong.

For we must learn to live together,

And forever to get along.

written by

Frank S. Dudek, Clp, USMC

for the 40th Anniversary of

Iwo Jima Invasion

Feb 19, 1985

Frank Dudek & Joe Pagac at Camp Tarawa HI 1944 - "two Slovak buddies"

Frank passed away in 2008


Boot Camp - San Diego - 1943

Boot Camp 1943


1944 Camp Pendleton

H Company, 26th Marines Camp Pendleton 1944

H Company, 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines (approx 250 Marines)

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H Company - The only Marines that returned from Iwo Jima not wounded


H Company - The only Marines that returned from Iwo Jima not wounded.

Picture taken at Camp Tarawa.


H Company - Some with minor wounds combined with those that were not wounded that returned from Iwo Jima.


H Company - Combined picture of Marines with minor wounds

and those not wounded who returned from Iwo Jima.

Picture taken at Camp Tarawa.


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The photos have been posted in hope of "sharing memories" with family, friends and other Marines. 

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